Cleo 2019 Timetable


11.45 – Room 1 Hall A1 James Field

Miniaturised Planar, Integrated Bragg Grating Spectrometer

15.30 – Room 1 ICM Sam Berry

Zinc Indiffused Diced Ridge PPLN Waveguides for Phhotreactive Damage Resistence and Spectral Engineering

17.00 – Room 3 Hall A1 Senta Scholl

Integrated Optical Fibre – Investigating the Vibrational Response Using Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry


09.00 – Room 3 Hall A1
Rex H. S. Bannerman

Propagation Loss Measurement using Ultra-Broadband Chirped Bragg Gratings in Integrated UV Written Waveguides

14.30 – Room 14b ICM
Paul C. Gow

Integrated waveguides and Bragg gratings UV written with 213nm light


13.00 – Hall B0 – posters


Zn:MgO:PPLN Waveguides for Rb cold Atom Trap based Quantum Gravitometry in a CubeSat — Lewis G. Carpenter


 Development of Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate Zinc-Indišused Ridge Waveguides at Blue Wavelengths — Alan C. Gray

EB-P.7 Four-Port Interference Device on an Integrated Photonics Platform Based on Tilted Bragg Gratings — Mathias J. Weisen