Nonlinear Conversion for Single Photon Detection

Looking at the development of cavity nonlinear optical elements for room temperature mid-IR conversion.  The work will be part of the EPSRC Established Career Fellowship (Quintessence) held by Prof. Peter G.R. Smith.  The project will involve the development of cavity enhanced nonlinear devices using periodically poled lithium niobate.

Offering the potential for high efficient wavelength conversion the project will look at two main areas, firstly, efficient generation of photon pairs for secure optical communications and secondly, on up-conversion detection for the 2 to 4.5 micron spectral regions.

The work will be collaborative with project partners including DSTL, Menlo Systems and Toptica. With a background in physics, electronics, material science or engineering successful candidates will be enthusiastic to work in a multi-disciplinary team with top quality collaborators across the UK and worldwide. The work will involve cleanroom fabrication, optical design, testing, modelling and theoretical work