Dr Bruno Moog

Senior Research Assistant

e: b.moog@soton.ac.uk

Bruno Moog is a Post Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre. He received his BS in physics and biochemistry from the University of Western Australia in 2013, his MS in synchrotron radiation based science from Lund University in 2017 and his PhD in fabrication and characterization of infra-red optical fibre in 2021. His research interests revolve around specialty glass and fibre fabrication from glass melting to fibre production. Currently focusing on preform fabrication techniques, crucible drawing of ultra-thin (<10µm) fibre in collaboration with with Dan Hewak, flat fibre fabrication and applications for 3D strain monitoring in collaboration with Christopher Holmes, and infrared fibre loss and fluorescence measurements for laser spectroscopy in collaboration with Johan Nilsson.

Personal interests include the biographies of obscure historical figures, traditional French and Italian cooking and greenhouse gardening.